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War Ina East weekend 2017

14. April 2017, 22:00 Uhr - 16. April 2017, 05:00 Uhr

YAAM, An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin

War Ina East 2017 official line-up; Mortal Kombat vs Northern Lights vs Ruffpack vs King Shine. Who will take it? Well we all can speculate but the fact is this is a clash any true clash fan would want to experience live and direct. Four top sounds doing battle on a world stage promises for a night of great entertainment, memorable moments and who knows, maybe even the birth of yet another international top sound.

'War Ina East' continues to provide the opportunity, let's see who will deliver. More info on rules and all the other necessary clash details coming out soon so start getting your crews together to be part of what will undoubtedly be another memorable clash night for Europe and the world.

With this year’s War Ina East Clash held in Friday, Saturday April 15th 2017 will be all about Juggle Ina East when the three hosting sounds Herb-A-Lize It, City Lock and Supersonic will be joined by anothercrowd pleaser, former War Ina East trophy-grabbers& soundclash stalwarts yet also juggling virtuososJugglerz in the mainfloor area.

Additionally something for all the clash fans to prevent cold turkey after The War Ina East will be staged, after last year’s success of the first “Anything Goes”: LUKIE WYNIGER VS DJ SMO.

Meanwhile “Other Island Vibes” will be flowing in the Soca Floor where Soca Twins, Barney Millah and Jammasters(NL) will keep the crowd whining.

SUNDAY 16/4/2017 - Dance Ina East
After two days filled with soundsystems and clash earlier in the weekend, this year on Sunday the vibes will flow while partying and dancing and seeing great performances. Dance Ina East will not only feature the GERMAN DANCEHALLQUEEN CONTEST.

But we present DING DONG (Jamaica) live on stage

and will top off the weekend with a smashing aftershow party TOP UP DANCEHALL CAMP with KID GRINGO & D-ONE. All the more reason to visit the full weekend of WAR INA EAST, JUGGLE INA EAST and last but not least DANCE INA EAST.

More info:

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