Awakening Consciousness: Seminar for Men

21. September 2019, 14:00 Uhr - 17:00

Maha Yoga Zentrum, Brunnenstraße 147, 10115 Berlin

The path of the man is the path of Awakening Consciousness.In this trilogy, Thomas Orboe will guide us through 3 fundamental aspects of being a man.

Part one introduces and dives deep into understanding the main qualities of conscious masculinity - awareness and lucidity. We will learn the role that these play in the ability to choose, allowing us to finally "follow the heart" - a practice often prescribed but given and explanation or guidelines of how to do.

Thomas will also begin to describe the true purpose of the mind and how to prevent it from controlling our lives, allowing us to live from our masculine soul and follow our true purpose.

We will cover theoretical notions, the real life application and practical exercises to help train these faculties, as well as a section of question and answer to cement understanding on the subject.

We will be back in October and November for the followup sessions:

Awakening Action:

Awakening Masculinity:


What you'll learn...

-Notions of Awareness and Lucidity

-What is choice and the ability to choose

-Mind vs Heart

-Controlling the Mind to free the Spirit


The Speaker
Thomas Orboe is a yoga and tantra teacher at Natha Yoga Center Copenhagen. He is also skilled personal trainer and diet counselor, and has helped many transition to a new healthier lifestyle. Thomas is the coordinator of the Awakening Vira project for helping men re-discover the fundamental principles and mechanisms of masculinity based on ancient tantric knowledge and modern science as he has learned from his mentor and teacher Advaita Stoian.



Single Seminar
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***** FOR MEN ONLY *****