Charuest/Chen/Scott + Sofia Borges // improvised and composed experimental music

16. November 2018, 20:00 Uhr - 21:30

Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstraße 169, Berlin, Deutschland, 10115 Berlin

Berlin-based Audrey Chen and Richard Scott meet with Canadian saxophonist Yves Charuest for a performance of improvised sonic intricacies — dynamic melding of distinct voices and collective textures shifting on a dime. The evening will start with Berlin-based Sofia Borges performing two pieces for percussion.

1rst set: 
Sofia Borges, percussion, electronics

2nd set: 
Yves Charuest, alto saxophone
Audrey Chen, voice
Richard Scott, analog synthesizer

Yves Charuest 

has been devoting most of his creative energy to improvisation in varying forms and contexts: free improvisation, encounters between improvisation and notated material, ensembles with more apparent stylistic links to free jazz. In collective situations as well as in solo, Charuest’s approach is characterized by his sense of form and his attention to the sonic properties as well as the formal potentialities of the material he works with. He has performed with Peter Kowald, Louis Moholo, William Parker, Agustí Fernández, Nate Wooley, Georg Graewe, Roscoe Mitchell, Lê Quan Nin, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders and Steve Noble.

Yves Chaurest (c) Promo

Audrey Chen
is interested in the exploration of the voice as a primary instrument, delving even more deeply into her own version

 of narrative and non-linear storytelling. Her mode of experimentation touches both the abstractly beautiful and the aggressively unsettling, creating a kind of

curiously imagined architecture, non-prosaic song or ritual that reaches beyond gravity or language. Recent projects, aside from performing solo, include her long running voices duo with Phil Minton, duos Hiss & Viscera with modular synth player Richard Scott, Beam Splitter with Norwegian trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, and the “romantic noise duo” Afterburner with Doron Sadja (electronics/light projection).

 Audrey Chen (c) Promo

Richard Scott

 is a composer and performer of electronic and improvised music. For much of the last decade he has been dedicated to the compositional and performance possibilities of analogue modular synthesizers. He also works with a variety of digital technologies such as Ambisonics, multichannel diffusion and with instruments such as the Buchla Lightning and Thunder and his self-designed WiGi system developed as an Artistic Resident at STEIM. He has performed with many great improvising musicians, for example; Axel Dörner, Thomas Lehn, Audrey Chen, Clive Bell, Richard Barrett, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Michael Vorfeld, Jon Rose, Ute Wassermann, Shelley Hirsch, Evan Parker, Frank Gratkowski, Stock, Hausen and Walkman, Bark! and the Lightning Ensemble.

Richard Scott (c) Promo

Sofia Borges 

is a versatile musician active as a composer, percussionist and improviser. Her compositions cover a wide spectrum ranging

from chamber, orchestra and vocal music up to theatre, dance and multimedia performances. As a composer she’s been mostly engaged with mixed music having recently presented “Colour Charts for the City” for female voices and live electronics in the frame of TENSO Network Europe. Sofia has participated in numerous international festivals all over Europe, U.S.A, Brazil, Macao, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. When performing as a composer-performer, she not only uses self-programmed electronics but also instruments she has developed herself.

Sofia Borges (c) IAN_Stenhouse

SoundCloud Chen/Scott/Charuest

16 November 2018 um 20h
im Acker Stadt Palast
Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin
Tickets: 15€ / 10 € (ermäßigt)

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