English Comedy CIBGD! Headliner: James Allan

28. April 2017, 20:15 Uhr - 23:00

CIRCUS, Bleichstraße 46, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Comedians in bars getting drunk!

Season 3: Episode 5
Doors Open: 06:00 p.m. with food service
Show Starts by: 08:15 p.m.

An original parody show where comedians yet to become world famous will entertain you in hopes to become rich one day so they can drive expensive cars, drink expensive coffee and act in cheap beer commercials.

Headliner: James Allan

James Allan is a stand-up comedian, public speaker and comedy writer from England travelling around Europe doing his brand of comedy. As a native of England, he speaks three languages: English, German and Wie bitte.

As a professional dancer and musician, he has travelled around the world and played with the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Eric Bebe and Yvonne Catterfeld. He has rocked the stage with Heddaway and Dr. Alban. And as an actor, he has already made a name and played alongside actors like Sir Ben Kingsley, Oliver Martinez, Tom Payne and Dirk Bach.

His career as a comedian has been growing for 10 years, entertaining his audience by applying his international perspective to everything and breaking down old deadlock perspectives. Parody and cultural humour are his favourite subjects and add a little self-sarcasm and a healthy disdain for authority and you have an idea of where he is going with this.

Featured Comedians: TBA
Hosted by: Kirthy Iyer

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