Floating Buddha Temple

Floating Buddha Temple

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02. April 2023, 19:00 Uhr - 20:30


Online audio file for download via an online event page at Billetto, which you get access to after purchase

+ BONUS: Live sound recording with "The Sound of Silence" on April 2 at 19 on the online event page.


You may use The Floating Buddha Temple soundscape to create mental clarity and solid grounding that can create a deep connection with your body and the earth. Good in connection with mindfulness, meditation and for "Being in The Now". Or just to lean into an exotic, life-giving and nourishing soundscape.
Listen to it through speakers or headphones at moderate or medium volume. If you listen via speakers and subwoofer and would like to feel the deep vibrations a little more strongly, gain the volume a little higher.


All sounds and sound sequences with singing bowls and pipe bells are recorded in a sound studio with master of music Shelley Uprichard as technician and Sound of Silence (Mayaya Louise Schubert and Gert Bach) as sound artists. Added to this is the sound of huge gongs from a Buddhist temple in Thailand (picture) recorded by "The Sound of Silence". Outside on the roof of this temple are these huge gongs from where they can send out their very deep tones and vibrations into the village and the entire universe. Breathtaking sight and fascinating sound ūüôā . Likewise, wind chimes are heard from the temple and around the temple, which the wind sets in motion. Underlying the entire soundscape is the sound of waves from sailing, so that we get the soundscape of a floating Buddhist temple (Floating Buddha Temple).

Duration: approx. 20 minutes

Format: 2 files ‚Äď mp3 file in high quality (256 kbps) and wav in CD quality (1411 kbps, 16 bit PCM, Stereo 44100 Hz), which you can download until the event ends. Therefore, feel free to save it on your computer, tablet and/or mobile device.

NB: The files are for your own personal use and in your own company and may not be copied or passed on.

Copyright: Bach & Musart

IMPORTANT: The ticket cannot be refunded as you get access to the audio file immediately after purchase.


Meditative koncerter (Danish)

Afspænding, indre ro og klarhed med lydlandskaber, lydmeditationer og lydterapi produceret af musiker, komponist og lydterapeut Gert Bach.



Over 40 √•rs erfaring og viden indenfor musik og lyd samt mere end 15 √•rs praksis og erfaring med terapi, personlig udvikling og meditation.


Meditative concerts (English)

Relaxation, inner peace and clarity with soundscapes, sound meditations and sound therapy produced by musician, composer and sound therapist Gert Bach, Denmark.
Over 40 years of experience and knowledge within music and sound as well as more than 15 years of practice and experience with therapy, personal development and meditation.


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