LUCID Satelight Sessions - Cacao Ritual + Party

11. Oktober 2019, 21:00 Uhr - 12. Oktober 2019, 06:00 Uhr

Beate Uwe, Schillingstraße 31, 10179 Berlin

∞ LUCID Presents ∞ SATELIGHT SESSIONS ∞ with Peter PowerAlma ∞ OmegaShepherd: including heart-soul-aligning Cacao Ritual facilitated by Aga Ya & Thea Hann + additional Satelight Shenanigans to come ∞


Our playground will be held at one of the coziest clubhouses in Berlin, Beate Uwe, where you are warmly invited to come early to dance, ritualize your evening with our opening ceremony, take off your shoes, soak up deep frequencies in the form of beats, meet old friends and hug new ones...The entire space will be smoke-free, but the atmosphere thickly held by a Tribe of dedicated elder-ravers & freedom-lovers known as the Lucid Satelight Family.

∞ Timetable of Deep Delights ∞

🔷 Doors open at 21:00 for warm-up Pre-Ceremony-Vibes ♥

🔷 21:30-23:00
Uplifting Cacao Ritual facilitated by the radiant Aga Ya: leading us through an empowering Cacao Ceremony: to align our purpose(s) with our own heart, as well as the heart of the world. Lucid-sister Thea Hann will be accompanying this journey with the power of voice and song.

Peter Power will also be sharing a mini presentation of his new project Symbiosfera: a global platform that is weaving Sustainability, Community & Music together. (

🔷///// Pre-sale tickets for the Opening Cacao Ceremony: We tend to sell out quickly with the Ceremony: so please don't sleep!! //////

// Doors open again at 23:00 for the night-long-party

🔷 23:00-1:00 Womb-Tech-Frequencies to fill your heart & soul with meow-pow-Magika: Alma ∞ Omega

🔷 01:00 - 03:30 Underground Sounds to resource your Soul & Tickle your Loins, Lips, Hips... the one and only star-child:
Peter Power

🔷03:30 - 06:00 Deeeeeeeeeeep into depths of House with our favorite late-night-master Shepherd (the frequencies are so deep, you might need decompression chamber afterwards):

! ∞ And more Satelight-Shenanigans to come ♥ !

As a Satellite orbits landscapes of different worlds and planets, this 9th gathering of Lucid’s ∞ SATELIGHT SESSIONS ∞ will combine the Spirit, Flava’s & Tribal love that is Planet-Lucid into new landscapes within the Berliner Party-Universe: sailing into new spaces and filling it with the deepest underground frequencies of music, dancing, ritual & intentional-communal play