LUCID Satelight Sessions - Cacao Ritual + Party

21. Februar 2020, 21:00 Uhr - 22. Februar 2020, 06:00 Uhr

Beate Uwe, Schillingstraße 31, 10179 Berlin

∞ LUCID Presents ∞ SATELIGHT SESSIONS ∞ with Eclectic-Electronic-Organic-Orgasmic-Sound-Frequencies provided by the following Succulent-Soul artists: Lotte Ahoi, Binder, & Shepherd: including an opening body & soul worshiping embodied-Cacao Ritual facilitated by Alma ∞ Omega...and additional Satelight Shenanigans to come ∞ !

💎At this next Satelight-edition, we wish to bring Magik back to the Berlin-night-life: by inviting our presence, our imagination, our playfulness, our passion...inviting a playground with which to feel alive, feel grounded, feel connected, feel free: in ourselves, and in the spaces between us 💎 The Lucid Satelight Family invites your divine-inner-child out for a night of delight, and will be weaving in intentional surprises to stimulate our collective space 💎!

Our playground will be held at one of the coziest clubhouses in Berlin, Beate Uwe, where you are warmly invited to come early to dance, ritualize your evening with our opening ceremony, take off your shoes, soak up deep frequencies in the form of beats, meet old friends and hug new ones...The entire space will be smoke-free, but the atmosphere thickly held by a Tribe of dedicated elder-ravers & freedom-lovers known as the Lucid Satelight Family.

∞ Timetable of Deep Delights ∞

💎 Doors open at 21:00 for warm-up Pre-Ceremony-Vibes ♥

💎 21:30-23:00
Opening Cacao Ceremony held by Alma ∞ Omega: using this opportunity to dive into the sweetness of presence, creating a base inside our bodies through dance, connection & embodiment 💎

💎 23:00-1:00 Hybrid DJ/Live-Set by a Lucid-brother Binder, mesmerizing us with his special blend of Organika-Soul:

💎 01:00 - 03:30 Master-weaver of Super-Sonic-Sounds from across (! literally every corner of !) the Globe: get ready to be charmed and nourished by the lusciousness of Lotte Ahoi

💎 03:30 - 06:00 Deeeeeeeeeeep into depths of House with our favorite late-night-master Shepherd...get ready to feel the depths of your soul, and surrender to his voyage: