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Geh mit Freunden

With Carlos Aller from Frantics Dance Company

The birth of a human being is the fruit of life.
A fruit rich in vitamins needs good care, the same care and attention a child deserves.
Is it possible for a seed to grow healthy without these necessary cares?
Squeezing the essence of your life and drinking your own juice is what makes your life meaningful.
“The most beautiful landscapes
live in the mind of the blind
And the strongest hope arises
for those who have no choice”

A dance theatre performance by:
Choreography and Dramaturg: Carlos Aller
Music edition : Carlos Aller.
Movie: Alvaro Rodriguez

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Ort für übergreifende Kunst insbesondere zwischen aktueller Tanz, Performance, Musik und Theater in Berlin-Mitte.


Keine Tickets verfügbar