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26. April 2021, 18:00 Uhr - 05. April 2025, 17:41 Uhr


Econsene Aeronautics Company, Ltd

Eecosene Aerospace is a UK based company that has recently made a breakthrough in the commercialization of small unmanned aerial vehicles (micro-air vehicles). The firm plans to use its new unmanned aerial vehicle for a wide variety of applications across a wide range of industries. This article highlights some of the company's key applications and their plan for growth. If you are in the market to develop a new product or service and believe that this could be a winning strategic move, then consider tapping into the UK commercial market.

The Ecosene aerospace company's primary focus will be on developing and manufacturing small, medium and large scale unmanned aerial vehicles. The company already has an agreement with the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense to test the use of a micro-air vehicle for disaster relief efforts in Iraq. This innovative application will provide valuable insight into how a micro-air vehicle can be used in adverse weather situations. Other applications include providing real time data for weather and traffic forecasts and helping out in search and rescue operations.

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The company's long term goals include working with operators for all types of aircraft, not just helicopters. It has a lot of experience working with both commercial and military clients and is set to gain more work in the commercial arena from the United Kingdom Army and Royal Air Force. Arup International, which is the company's foreign subsidiary, also has contracts with the armed forces in the United States, Australia, India, Pakistan and Nepal. The firm also has international aspirations and has signed agreements with China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The firm is currently seeking a partner to take on the whole project. As it stands, Ecosene Aerospace will focus its efforts on the development of the micro-air vehicle. If the successful conclusion of the first micro-air vehicle is satisfactory, then the firm will look towards developing a complete, lightweight, reusable and adaptable aircraft system. The aim of the company is to manufacture an aircraft that can fly in a straight line and at the same time can carry out a variety of missions. It aims to develop this technology into a new generation of micro-air vehicles for general aviation.

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The Ecosene Aerospace UK site contains information about the history and background of the company. You can also find information on its aircraft and its design approach. If you are interested in working with Ecosene Aerospace, you can send your CV and samples of your work to this address. However, due to restrictions of confidential nature, recruiters are restricted from making contact with past employees or bidding on their projects.

If you have any queries, you can send us an email. Alternatively, if you would like to make a personal contact, you can visit our website. Our Company's main office is based in Dunmow, Birmingham. If you reside outside of England and are interested in the European market, we would advise you to select a European based Econsene Aerospace subsidiary.



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