VoiceMotion - Embodied Voice & Singing Weekend Journey

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VoiceMotion - Embodied Voice & Singing Weekend Journey

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24. September 2022, 13:00 Uhr - 25. September 2022, 17:00 Uhr


Our voice is the channel for the expression of our wildest, primordial self or the purest, innocent essence of our Soul. Unleashed and unrestrained, our voice is the key to our ultimate freedom!

Voicing, Singing and Dancing are radical acts of self-expression, that are too often suppressed as a result of fear, insecurity and especially shame.

When we dare to express ourselves through voicing, singing and moving, we are able to unlock the deep connection to our core being and become

present, connected and attentive while embracing all our parts.


Did you always want to sing but never dared to do so in front of others?

> Do you feel a blockage in your moving/voicing emotional body?

> Do you feel shame/fear to express yourself?

> Do you lack the tools to voice, move, improvise, or sing?

If the answers are YES, then you are in the right place!

Whether you are an experienced singer, musician, visual artist, healing artist

or a curious and creative person - or want to become one, you can find

inspiring tools for your creative and artistic work and tools for your

personal development.

There is a place for it all.
For you to be, to express, to be seen and heard!


>>Re-discover the wisdom of your voice as a musical instrument through

your alive embodied presence electrified groundedness and unique sound.

>>Re-connect to your raw wild and authentic voice - the instrument of the expression of your soul.

>>Re-claim your freedom of expression: play, explore, express, embody, and ENJOY voicing, moving and singing!


What is VoiceMotion?

VoiceMotion is an ongoing lab that aims to explore our bodies as musical instruments.
For the past decade, I am fascinated by exploring the connection between our body and voice through movement, voice embodiment and singing


I worked with diverse groups of professional artists and creative people, as well as one on one coaching. My experience is that the fusion between movement and voice is a profound tool that helps people to release their fears, unlock the blockages of the mind, reconnect to the body,
grounds, and become more aware, creative, and able to confidently express - each individual in their own unique way.

The unique fusion of somatic movement embodied voice, voice & movement improvisation & composition and circle singing, supports each participant in individualising and refining their own signature expression of voice & movement practice, as well as singing and improvising in a group.

Why VoiceMotion?

Many people today experience shame and fear when it comes to expressing themselves freely without being criticised by themselves or by their


Many of us are dealing with the pain as a result of suppressing our voice - as a symbol of speaking our truth, our playful nature, and freedom of

As a result, many people are dealing with the pain of separation from their own bodies.

After many years of research, I developed tools to unlock access to our expressive bodies and voices, and become more joyful, free and light.

I feel the importance of offering spaces to people to release what blocks them from trusting in being and expressing who they are and become more

creative, grounded and attentive to create the music that wants to unfold through us as individuals, as well as in a group, in the present


What to expect?

- Become embodied and present to yourself on a sensory level
Move, dance, shake, pulse, and express

- Experience the immeasurable vitality and joy of Intentional vocalization

- Bravely find your voice, share, and be heard

- Explore the connection between your body movements and your voice

- Learn tools to improvise and create amazing music on the spot together with a partner, group, as well as individually.

- Have fun! express and release tension- Dare to share what YOU and only the unique YOU can bring!

This work is for you if...

- You are reading all of this and feel a big YES inside

- You are curious open and ready to step out of your comfort zone

- You are willing to open up and try new things


Workshop timetable:
24.9 - 13:00 - 17:00 including a break
25.9 - 13:00 - 17:00 including a break

location: Yoga Am Park https://yoga-am-park.de/kontakt/

Early bird till - 10.9: 135€
Normal price: 150€

*Please first register and I will send you the payment details:

I’m a dance alchemist, poet, vocal channel, and performance art witch.
I moved to Berlin from TLV a decade ago to pursue my dream of growing as a performance artist and choreographer.

I have danced and performed in many projects and created & presented my own choreographic work mainly in Germany and Italy, and was teaching mainly dance artists. After being exposed to the shamanic medicine path and different healing and transformative methods focused on the inner mindset, I found myself longing to express and create through the transformative medium of voice sound and music.I trained in different techniques, using the voice and the body as a channel to unlock access to the inner realms.I started to combine these practices with the performance art practices, and guide groups from diverse backgrounds mainly in Berlin, and around Germany.
Nowadays, I curate events, host workshops, hold space, perform, and co-create with like-minded creatives.

I co-founded three main projects that inflated my artistic and personal development:


- Musical Duo&Band project where I wrote, composed and co-produced

an album. we are very active and perform with our current interactive

performance - concert - ritual ‘Embrace Your Light’ around Germany, and

soon worldwide.

Sonic Yoga- a collaboration between myself and ChrisTala - Sound artist and musician.
Sonic Yoga is a practice that is based on the fusion between Sound frequency and the wisdom of the human voice as a frequency instrument. we facilitate workshops and events in Berlin and Germany.

The Sonic Lab - Exploring the body as a moving sound system.
A solo project that explored the body as a moving sound system.
I was teaching many classes and workshops mainly in Berlin.

“I long to reveal What we are beyond our physical and material bodies, and I believe that our bodies and voices are powerful channels to

breakthrough, open, and crack what wants to unfold and live through us”

I offer workshops, events, concerts, and performances and give individual embodied Voice coaching.






What people say
“I met Ayam on Facebook during the pandemic 2020. I was immediately

attracted as she brought something unique soulful and original to what you normally see in the dance and performance niche. and as I was

searching for new ways of making dance and performance, her work with voice and sound was very enriching for me, artistically, as well as

holistically and it opened me to a whole new universe of possibilities.
I followed many classes and I feel that I received tools that I can now use for my artistic work and in my life.
Ayam’s personalized approach to teaching is opening a space of listening and allowing us to expand and develop in a safe container.
Thank you, Ayam for who you are and for the medicine you bring to the world'


'I had a private one-on-one wonder-filled session with Ayam aiming to free

my voice and encourage vocalization using movement drum and toning…worked like magic and now I feel more empowered to speak and sing

my truth & express my creativity…Amazing
- Suzi Brown

'An epic journey through soundscapes touched my soul and heart body and mind.
Your Music guided me through places I was longing for - rainforests, waterfalls, forgotten times when life was lush, and laughter. my higher

self was ever-present and dreaming myself into the light. Joy was rising flowing with laughter and gratitude. Ayam's voice, so deeply connected

to spirit, is like an angel, divine and pure. Chris added such beautiful instrumentals. Eye loved how visual their music felt to me.
TransForMusic is a beautiful space to experience and grow on many levels, I feel I had the freedom of choice where my soul wants to travel me"
- Nelle

'An extraordinary evening with extraordinary artists. The audience helped

create the entire evening with movement, singing, and a jointly created

sphere of energy. We were included in the music and encouraged to sing

together. It was a wonderful experience, and for some people, it was

also a challenge. I love your album Shards of Light and have been

listening to it on a loop. Thank you"
- Yana Christa


Yoga am Park Yoga am Park, Am Treptower Park 42, 12435 Berlin


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