INSOMNIA in Brussels: solo exhibition by Masha Trotzky

Mar 01 2020 15:00 - Mar 01 2021 18:00

Academy of Music and Arts Rimsky-Korsakov will represent INSOMNIA, a unique exhibition by Masha Trotzky. 

Born in Moscow, Masha Trotzky started her art career in 2009, became the “Best Photographer of Russia” (2010) National Award winner, received the Silver Graphis Award in New York (2015) and Aesthetica Art Prize in UK (2015). Artist and jewelry designer, she had solo exhibitions in Moscow, Florence, Barcelona, Hamburg, Milan and London. The INSOMNIA art project created in 2014-2015 will be shown in Brussels for the first time. 

“This art project seems to be one of the most personal and surrealistic for me. The concept for it came out of a dream. Insomnia is a project about reality and dream, about the connections between people, about attachments and even addictions as well. How strong is the link between real life and dream life? If we see somebody in dreams, could he or she feel it? This series is designed to be a kind of artistic, sensual study and experiment on the boarder scale of consciousness and nocturnal illusion.” 

Exhibition & sale of jewelry items and brooches from the recent collections by Masha Trotsky will take place during the vernissage.


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