Billetto box office

Embrace a multi-channel approach to ticket sales. Set up a box office for seamless in-person purchases, complementing your online sales strategy.

Uplift your event sales by up to 10%. The event page and purchase flow are designed with user experience in mind, making it easy for ticket buyers to find events and purchase tickets in minutes.
Use available self-promotion tools or allow our engines to push it to thousands of ticket buyers across multiple channels through our inbuilt advertising solution.
Free up your time with a quick creation process, scheduled reports, automatic waiting lists, and more. We created a trustworthy platform so you can do more of what you know best.

It is easy and clear for both customers and event providers. The options I need are accessible and professional.

Henriette Bonde
Forever Enjoy


Unlock the full potential of your POS system by integrating it with Billetto, allowing you to accept convenient contactless payment options including cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and beyond.

- Available chip and contactless payments
- Battery powered device
- Strong bluetooth connectivity
- Multiple mobile integrations

Cash payments

Enjoy the convenience of Billetto Box Office across various devices, enabling you to accept not only digital but also cash payments. And of course, you will receive all the information about your box office and on our platform, to make sure that everything adds up.

Why use box office?

Instant payment

Enjoy the convenience of swift financial transactions with the box office feature.

Serves broader audience

Cater to a diverse range of ticket buyers by integrating the box office solution, accommodating those who prefer physical payment methods.

Easy management

Delegate ticket sales and scanning responsibilities effortlessly by assigning specific roles to others, freeing you up to focus on event details.

Quick and easy set up

Ditch the traditional cash register setup. Just open the Billetto app on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, and you're ready to start selling.

Box Office solution for your event

There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for event management, but we have become really good at understanding organisers needs and identifying solutions that can either make or break an event.

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Concerts & festivals

A common practice among organisers is to utilise the box office to promote and sell any remaining unsold tickets from the online sale.

Amusement and theme parks

Embrace the thrill of spontaneity and grant entry to adventurous adrenaline seekers as they arrive at your park!

Excursions and trips

Empower city locals and tourists to explore the city spontaneously with the help of the box office.

Become Billetto Organiser

Over 3.8M users have chosen Billetto as their primary ticketing platform. Why wait? Speak to our ticket sales experts today!

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