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Nessi Gomes in Berlin

Nessi Gomes in Berlin

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04 Déc 2024 20:00 - 23:59
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NESSI GOMES Live in Berlin | 11.9.24

Heimathafen, Neukölln, Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043, Berlin

Doors: 20:00

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Born on the tiny Island of Guernsey to a Portuguese family, Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of the traditional, emotional and ‘larger than life’ Fado folk music with British progressive modern inspiration.

Diamonds & Demons is the debut album by musician Nessi Gomes, a composer and lyricist of rare invention and beauty.

Ensuing tales of darkness and light allow a deeper exploration of the human condition, psyche, collective fears and torments. Nessi and her producer Duncan Bridgeman ('1 Giant Leap’) together dug an uncharted tunnel into the artist's turbulent heart and soul. The album was recorded following a successful fundraising campaign in April 2015 during which more than $50,000 was raised.

Nessi toured in the wake of the campaign, playing in 25 European countries in the last 6 years including major festivals in Europe.

Het debit album reveals an authentic and heartfelt search for light, depth, hope and truth; an artistic quest for love and trust.

A series of intricately detailed, hauntingly atmospheric and lushly textured Avant-ballads. Here is a musician whose work obliquely references her travails and nods to Björk and Kate Bush but is uniquely her own, with Portuguese inflections and intimations of hope and dread.

From the press:

“Hauntingly atmospheric and lushly textured nods to Bjork & Kate Bush”
Paul Lester – The Guardian

“A record that is at once lustrous and shadowy, mysterious and magical, an exercise in shaping beauty out of despair.”
Alex Goddard – Music Week

“Stunning debut from a composer and lyricist of rare invention and beauty”
Alex Gallacher – Folk Radio UK

“The followers of Beth Gibbons, Joanna Newsom and the excellent Daughter will find themselves becoming fans of Gomes”
Songwriters Magazine

“A slick contemporary singer-songwriter record with a subtle Fado aesthetic and Sam Lee on the title track”

“Completely engulfing and enthralling. The minutes seem to melt away while listening. Candidly moving debut album”
R2 magazine

The single These Walls received spins on BBC1 (Huw Stephans), BBC2 (Mark Radcliffe, Clare Balding), 6 Music (Radcliffe & Maconie, Tom Robinson) and more stations across the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.

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Berlin based music management, production and booking team.

Our roster consists of amazing artists weaving music in the realms of conscious/ medicine and world music, sacred prayers and mantras to ecstatic, tribal sonic journeys.

We produce different types of events reanging from big music festivals to smaller gatherings, transformational heart spaces, ceremonies and retreats around the world.
No matter the size, location and theme, we put our hearts as well as our minds into every event we do, bringing creativity, devotion, professional approach and good vibe.


Heimathafen Neukölln, Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin

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