5 things you have to know before you organise an outdoor event

As an organiser, you absolutely must organise at least one outdoor event this summer. Being outside, you have much more space to take advantage of but also more space and people to manage. Here are 5 tips to ensure your event goes according to plan, whatever the weather.

1. The Weather

The most obvious question you get when you organise an outdoor event, "What if it rains?" Although, you cannot predict the weather with a meticulous precision - you can prepare for unexpected. Think of a backup plan: rent a gazebo or a tent for people to get shelter, pick a place with an existent sheltered or wooded area or bring rain jackets for your guests on the day, if it comes to it. If you have already planned an event with nothing of the above - prepare your guests and ask them to bring their own umbrellas and rain jackets, if they're worried about the weather.

2. Preparing your guests

Make sure that your guests are comfortable at your outdoor event. Post an update through your promotional channels to let them know if there is anything they have to bring: water, sunscreen, snacks, umbrellas, something to sit on, a bathing suit etc. Think of every possible thing you might need at the event like yours, and if they're a nearby facility your guests can get anything they might be missing.

3. Being prepared for emergencies

Anything can happen at an outdoor event: the mother nature can be vicious. Having an emergency contact is a must at any kind of event, but also think of the small things like bug bites, sunburns, bruises or mild dehydration. Make sure you have an emergency kit at hand with an extra sun lotion, bug repellant, sanitisers and extra water bottles. Your guests will be forever greatful if you're being extra attentive. And the most important part: make sure you have a bathroom and a place for washing hands in the nearest vicinity.

4. Noise control

Just because your event is outdoors doesn't mean that you can be as loud as possible. Check, on the regulations with the local council at your chosen location: how long you can have the event for, how noisy are you allowed to get and if you're allowed to be noisy at all. Not all the spaces are made equal - and even some forests, waterside spaces and parks can have special protected areas where you're not allowed certain activities or loud unexpected noises.

5. Leave no trace

Wherever you decide to organise your outdoor event - make sure you leave no trace. Even if you're organising an event in an open park with guests bringing their own food and drinks you, as an organiser, are responsible for leaving the park clean after your event is over. At the end of the day - it was your idea to gather the people for this event, so it's your responsibility to make sure there's no trace left after your event is over.

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