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Starling Arrow live in Berlin (Rising Appalachia, Ayla Nereo, Marya Stark, Tina Malia)

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Starling Arrow live in Berlin (Rising Appalachia, Ayla Nereo, Marya Stark, Tina Malia)

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Ago 09 2023 19:00 - 23:00
Billetto Peace of Mind
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Starling Arrow Live in Berlin | 9.8.23
Leah Song + Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia, Ayla Nereo, Tina Malia, and Marya Stark

Passionskirche | Marheinekepl. 1, 10961 Berlin

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Doors: 19:00
Tickets | 
Category A first row | 75€
Category B rows 2-5 | 55€
Category C rows 6 on and standing | 40€
Early bird Category rows 6 on and standing | 34€

** Soli ticket- if financially this is a hard time for you and you want to join the concert, please contact us at for the solidarity ticket.

Starling Arrow is an all-star cast of spirit-folk songstresses featuring Leah Song and Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia, Tina Malia, Ayla Nereo, and Marya Stark. The members of the female-fronted super-group share a common devotion for the love of songwriting, which they elegantly capture in their debut album, Cradle, coming out February 16, 2023. The artists of Starling Arrow are brought together by a mutual love of beauty, the power of music as a sanctuary, and the deep joy of encountering the muse. Powerhouse songwriters individually and innovative leaders within the industry, this joining is a potent gift of synergy.

The ensemble of Starling Arrow was unintentionally conceived during the pandemic’s lockdown. In the wake of canceled tours, the 5 musicians were inspired to meet weekly over Zoom to collectively sing and alchemize the chaos of a changing world into their craft of songwriting. Each week they choose a topic and style of song to inspire their writing. The following week, they would share what they had created in the round, each taking a turn to unveil their song.

The collective wrote countless songs over nearly 2 years of this weekly communing and creating. Deep in their own creative exploration, the 5 muses chose to keep the music to themselves, but the universe had other plans. Thanks to a spontaneous gathering in person, the desire to sing as a collective, and Tina Malia bringing mics at the last minute, an album began to record itself. These songs are what fed the creation of Cradle.

The group name, Starling Arrow, was born after learning more about the starling, an iridescent songbird known for its cooperation with its fellow birds to create beautiful murmuration patterns in the sky. Arrow speaks to the aim all 5 artists have together as songbirds, to create a song from collaborative inspiration and have it land in a place of unique beauty. Starling Arrow is meant to convey “The song sent with aim from the bow of the muse."

** Refund Policy: A full refund will be issued in case of cancellation up to 60 days prior to the event only. After that no refunds will be possible. Ticket swaps are possible at any time. Please make sure to arrive with a scanable ticket at hand.


Berlin based music management, production and booking team.

Our roster consists of amazing artists weaving music in the realms of conscious/ medicine and world music, sacred prayers and mantras to ecstatic, tribal sonic journeys.

We produce different types of events reanging from big music festivals to smaller gatherings, transformational heart spaces, ceremonies and retreats around the world.
No matter the size, location and theme, we put our hearts as well as our minds into every event we do, bringing creativity, devotion, professional approach and good vibe.

Luogo dell'evento

Passionskirche, Marheinekepl. 1, 10961 Berlin


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